August 29, 2009


Today we packed up the car and headed to Wagfest, which is a huge outdoor festival at a park were all kinds of vendors come and set up and give away free things to dogs. It was hilarious to see hundreds of dogs and people walking around to each booth and then letting their dogs take a dip in the pond. Sloopy always has a great time and this year he did really well with the walking and socializing with all the dogs. We got several free samples of dog food, some treats, a fun tennis ball, and coupons for various pet stores. It was an enjoyable day and we walked away with plenty of free goodies.
Our Day at Wagfest

Sloopy in the car excited to go to Wagfest

After walking around for a while Sloopy needed to cool off in the "Cool Zone." It was a tented area that had ice all over the ground for the dogs to walk in and cool down.

Sloopy got to do one of his favorite things, Swim! He even made a friend in the water.

After our day of swimming, freebies, and friend making, Sloopy is all tuckered out in the back of the car.

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