September 7, 2009

Go Bucks!

On the banks of the mighty Olentangy river lies the Horseshoe---Ohio Stadium, home, of The Ohio State Buckeyes! This is were I spent my Saturday and was super excited to be in attendence at the season opener against Navy. I took my mom to the game with me and we decked our selves out in buckeye gear and headed down to the shoe. Chris ushers all the home games so he gets in free to the game and stands in the Block O student section. While he reported for duty, mom and I headed over to Varsity Club and took part in some liqued breakfast. After some tastey fuzzy navels we headed out to Lane Ave and veturend around before the game. I bought myself a nut necklace, which I'm suprprised I've not had one until now and we had a snack before heading to the shoe. Our tickets were in 16B. They were actually really good seats and we had plenty of leg room. The only down side is we were not able to see the fly over that took place before the game because C deck hangs out over B deck. But, we were in the shade all day. Mom and I cheerd our lungs out and rooted on the Buckeyes with 105,095 of our closest friends. After a nail bitter of an ending, no voice, and deaf in my right ear from all the screaming, we headed over to Chris' section to take some pictures and meet up before heading home. It was an awesome day and super Buckeye filled fun. I can't wait for the next game and for whats to come in the Buckeye Season.

Before the game mom and I sat down by a tree and waited for the band to march over to the stadium.

On our walk to the stadium I snapped some pictures of the outside of the Shoe. This is an amazing stadium!

Stading outside the stadium waiting for the band to march in.

The bucks pumping themselves up before the game.

The OSU marching band and alumni taking the field before the game. I don't think you could fit another person on the field. The oldest alumni marching was 92 years old!

The band and the alumni band peformed 4 script Ohio's at one time. This year John Glenn dotted one of the i's. Enjoy the video clip of script Ohio!

When the third quarter is over the band plays Hang on Sloopy and then breaks up into little groups and plays songs around the stadium. We had some drummers and cheerleaders come to our section. It gets everybody super pumped up!

After the game we took some pictures were Chris ushers at. He has an awesome view each game and a fun section to be in. I love how the band is in the background to.

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