September 21, 2009

Camping Memories

This past weekend brought back many fun childhood memories of camping. I visited my parents who were camping at the fall festival in Fort Loramie on Saturday while Chris was at the OSU vs. Toledo game in Cleveland. The festival is held at the camp ground and numerous craft vendors, demonstrators, tractors, and food tents are set up for the weekend. The cool part is you get to camp there as well. When I was growing up my family would always go camping with an average of six other families. The fall festival was always the favorite weekend to camp and where most of my camping memories stem from. It's nice to sit around the fire and relax and then go shop at the craft booths and peruse the demonstrators around the camp ground when you want to. All the kids are now grown up but the parents still camp together. They have all down graded to tents now, but even the tents are still pretty snazzy in my opinion. I went to celebrate my mom's birthday and it was great seeing my parents and the other adults there who I've not seen in a long time. Sloopy really enjoyed being outside and managed to provide entertainment everybody. He even claimed a chair for himself. Every time my dad would get up he would hop up in the chair and stretch out. It was adorable. He had a great time and spent so much time outside that he came home with black paws. He has since had a bath. Spending the day at the campground gave me a hankering to want to start camping again. So we shall see, if a tent is on sale we might have to purchase one.

Sloopy claiming his chair. Doesn't he look like a stuffed animal?

The massive fire dad and the other dads built. I think they need a bigger fire ring!

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