September 27, 2009

Start of the Best Time of the Year

The leaves are changing, there is a crisp in the air, and the pumpkins are arriving. It must be Fall! This season kicks off my favorite time of year. From October-December there are numerous holidays, my birthday, and a cheerful festiveness among people. I also love the clothes you get to wear this time of year and of course all the Buckeye games that take place. I've had the chance to put the fall decorations up and purchased some fall scents for my classroom. The kids have been busy learning about fall and my classroom is quickly filling up with projects of red, orange, yellow, and brown. I've also spent the past two days at the annual teacher conference and if you remember from last year it did not go so well and was a huge waste of time. I'm happy to report that this year was ten times better and it was held at the convention center downtown. This met I didn't have to stay the night and could actually come home for the evening and spend time with Chris. I enjoyed the first two speakers and the choices I made for the break-out sessions provided useful information that I can't wait to take back to my classroom. We are all hoping that next years conference will take place in Chicago. Today I had to spend the day catching up on what I didn't get to do yesterday. Lesson planning, cleaning, and laundry. My to-do list is pretty much checked off and I am ready for the kick off of a new week. I'm excited for the weekend to come already because Chris and I are venturing to Indiana for the next OSU game. This will only be my second away game and I am looking forward to experiencing a new stadium and a new city.

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