September 14, 2009


One word Amazing! That is what I would use to describe my experience and fun I had on Saturday for the OSU game. Yes, we all know that the bucks ended up loosing, but this does not take away from the fact that I had an amazing time. The day started around 3:00 with Chris and I hitting up a tailgate before the game. With Chris being an usher he has to be in the stadium three hours before kickoff to make sure things are in place and to assist fans to their seats. With only two hours of tailgating time together we made the most of it. With some fun buckeye fans we drank to Ohio State with the infamous Buckeye Punch and chatted about what we thought the outcome of the game was going to be. Chris then headed to the stadium and I headed over to another tailgate to meet up with a friend. This tailgate was jazzed out. They had a mini school bus that was painted and decked out in OSU colors and emblems. It was stocked with three kegs and had an enormous flat screen tv connected to satellite to watch other college football games. They also had enough food to feed an army. It was a great place to hang out before trying to find tickets. My friend Angie and I did not have tickets because everywhere we looked they were extremely expensive. We decided we would wait until a few minutes before kick off to see if we could scalp some tickets outside of the stadium. Our waiting, and luck, paid off because we scored some amazing seats. We were in section 28AA and only 7 rows from the field. We got a great deal on the tickets and managed to make it to our seats before kickoff started. The seats, oh man the seats! They were amazing and so close. You could almost see the sweat on the football players faces and hear the helmets hitting. The stadium atmosphere was like non other. The lights were up, the seats were packed, and the noise was out of control. We did not sit the whole came and we screamed so hard I lost my voice. We set a new stadium record with close to 107,000 fans and were even amazed to see Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn made it to the game. It was the best football game I've ever attended and can't wait to experience this type of atmosphere again. I know it was a bummer that they lost, but that evening, that crowd, and that excitement was out of this world and I would not trade that experience for anything. I will always be a Buckeye fan and am looking forward to the next game. Win or loose, OSU has a fan in me!

Here are a few pictures from my amazing OSU evening.

The band finishing up the Star Spangled Banner and preparing for the team.

OSU and USC setting up the next play. OSU is preparing for a touchdown. Look how close they are!!

Did they get it? They did! Touchdown OSU!

It's Will Ferrell. Boo being in a USC shirt, but it was fun watching him ham it up with Thad Matta on the scoreboard.

After the game we went to the great Frank, Block O tailgate.

I end this post with two video clips from the game. Turn up your volume and experience the roar and mayhem inside the Horseshoe. Go Bucks!

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  1. I don't have any copyright on my name, you can say Angie and I . . . not just "a friend." Glad we got to go to the game together! I had so much fun with you! Hopefully you'll have me and we can do it again sometime!