October 4, 2009

Hoosier Daddy? The Bucks Are!

My second road game has come and gone, but it was a blast and I loved every minute of it. It was nice to get away with Chris, do some traveling, and cheer on the Bucks to a victory together. We don't get to attend very many games together because of Chris ushering the home games. It's nice to finally attend a game together as it's been a long time. The ride over went great and the hotel we stayed at was an hour away from the stadium. It was a cute, quaint hotel and there were other Buckeyes staying there to. We arrived at a decent time and parked at the very edge of the stadium out front by the road because parking was already full. It worked out when it came time to leave because being so close to the road we were able to hop on and head out. As part of our package we purchased for the game we attended a tailgate hosted by the alumni society. They had catered food, free pom poms, peppy music playing, and Brutus and the cheerleaders stopped by. Chris and I have been together for almost 7 years and have attended so many OSU sporting events that it's hard to keep track of, and this was the first time we were finally able to take a picture with Brutus!

The tailgate also had a raffle and trivia questions. Chris answered a question and received an OSU alumni pin and a collapsible cooler. We spent a couple of hours at the tailgate and then headed over to the stadium.

We had great seats and happy that we were sitting on top of our section's entrance in the front, and therefore didn't have to have anybody sitting in front of us. Chris and I cheered our hearts out and I was impressed with all the Buckeye fans there. Buckeyes travel well and we definitely had the majority of the fans in the stadium. The only downside to our section of fans is they were mostly older people and didn't do much cheering. Chris and I made sure to make up for the lack of cheering coming from the grey hairs.
The Buckeyes prevailed again and won the game. We had some awesome plays and Indiana had numerous penalty flags, which aided in our victory. With the game complete, all the fans singing Carmen Ohio at the end of the game,

and a victory, it was a successful road trip and am looking forward to the Purdue game coming up in two weeks. Go Bucks!

Hoosier Daddy Montage

Garmin led the way.

Our view from our seats. The stadium, although smaller, was a pretty neat stadium on the inside.

We are ready to cheer and root the Bucks to a victory.

Go Bucks! Chris with the super poms!

Some Buck fans with sweet hats. I love the Shoe hat!

The Bucks are victorious and celebrating the victory!

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  1. I love that Chris wore the away jersey! just like me on road game days. :)