November 11, 2009

Where's Your Famous Atmosphere?

Can I just say that this past weekend was a blasty blast! The weekend started off on Thursday with my 26th birthday. Chris surprised me with a yummy dinner of chicken spaghetti and some guests. It was really sweet of him to cook a great dinner, get my favorite cake from Cold Stone Creamery, and invite some people over, all as a surprise. The beginning of the week was not going so well and I was super pumped that my birthday was such a great day and I got a sweet drinking cup to commence the festivities to come.

Thursday was my Friday because Chris and I took Friday off to head over to Penn State. I was really looking forward to this trip because we were going to see and be with a great group of people whom we don't get to see very often. After arriving at the hotel and greeted with a blown up Brutus in the window which belonged to non other then the Saad's, we unpacked and geared up for a group dinner at Outback Stake House. A big group of us decked out in Buckeye gear and smack dab in the middle of a Penn State fan base restaurant was great. We know how to represent the Bucks! After our dinner and an evening of hanging out with everyone we all went to bed for an early wake-up call to kick off our tailgate.
After a nine-car lineup and about 20 people we arrived at our tailgate spot. Can I just say that we had a pretty freaking cool tailgate! We had everything up and ready in a matter of 10 minutes. Coolers full of beer, food out, flags up, music blaring, and the grill going, it was fantastic!

We spent the next five hours drinking, drinking, eating, playing thunder struck, oh and drinking some more. I had an awesome time hanging out with the group and getting pumped up for the game to come. It has been a long time since I've done so much drinking and I was feeling great by noon. What made it even greater are the company I was with and the fact that mostly everybody was feeling the same way. After all of the drinking and tailgating festiveness we managed to make it to the big Erector set of a stadium and prepare for an ass whooping on Penn State.

Our seats were actually pretty good. I didn't mind being two rows from the top and closer to the blimp then the field.

It allowed us to see and experience everything and stand the whole time without bothering anybody. The fan's that came to support the Bucks were great. Super loud, super festive, and full of energy. I was interested in experiencing the infamous whiteout

and although they were loud and did have the numbers, it soon died down when the Bucks started to kick butt. The famous atmosphere started to disappear and the more the bucks scored the quieter the Penn State fans got and the more they started to leave. This met that our fans could be heard more and at one time we were so loud that the Buckeyes were dancing to our songs and they were on the other side of the stadium. The game was amazing and kept us on our feet the whole time. I am glad that we got to go and will never forget all the singing, dancing, drinking, and jumping up and down that we did in that stadium. So Penn State where's your famous atmosphere? It sure wasn't there when the Bucks were in town!!

The road trip definitely will be at the top of my list for fun and awesome Buckeye games. It was a weekend full of fun and laughter and great people. It all came to an end with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Cole topped off with frosty mugs of chocolate milk.

Until next time and when we all meet again, go Bucks!

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