January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009.. Hello 2010

It is now officially 2010 and I'm glad for the beginning of a new year. 2009 had many ups and downs and through it all I managed to gain strength, learn valuable lessons, and create countless memories with family and friends.
*In 2009*
~ We celebrated Chris' 30th birthday with a bash at our place.
~ We traveled to Chicago to visit family and celebrate a family members 1st birthday.
~ Over the Easter weekend we had a family bowling tournament and dad kicked all our butts.
~ I experienced Amish Country for the first time.
~ We painted our whole staircase hallway and the upstairs hallway.
~ We found out that Chris had an aneurysm and would need surgery.
~ We lost a beloved family member, Grandpa George Thorpe who is dearly missed.
~ We experienced the new Clipper's Stadium with family and friends.
~ I went on a Longaberger trip with my mom and toured the office, homestead, and factory.
~ Chris and I ventured to the Columbus Zoo to see the new baby elephant.
~ We experienced two fun Happy Hour's at Park Street Patio.
~ We tasted the famous hamburgers at Thurman's Cafe for the first time.
~ Had a blast at Red, White, and Boom with friends and family.
~ Chris and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary at The Melting Pot.
~ Chris had a smooth surgery and a quick recovery. I'm happy and thankful that he is back to 100%
~ I got to experience 5 OSU games. Navy, USC, Indiana, Purdue, and Penn State.
~ Had a wonderful 26th birthday.
~ Cooked my first Thanksgiving at our house for both sets of parents this year.
~ Cut down a fantastic tree and decorated our house.
~ Concluded the year with a fun New Year's Eve party and started the year with a Buckeye win at the Rose Bowl.

2009 has come and gone and I'm thankful for all the experiences and lessons it brought. It's time to focus on 2010 and whatever the year will bring. Here's to hoping it's wonderful things.

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