January 29, 2010

A P-Day +

Today Chris and I took personal days and it was much needed. Things have been stressful at our jobs lately and it seems that lately when we come home from our jobs we have more things to vent about then we do to be glad about. We decided to treat ourselves to a three day weekend. I think that everyone should take a personal day just because once in awhile and it does help to relieve some stress. I slept in which was amazing and then we headed to the movies to finally see Avatar. I wasn't sure if it would be something that I'd like because I'm not into Sci-Fi very much. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially in 3-D. I love how everyone looks in the goofy glasses and the 3-D brings a whole new life to the movies. After the movie we headed home for some dinner and then decided to cap the evening off with some ice cream from Coldstone. We treated ourselves to yummy ice cream and I was excited to have my favorite flavor which is Birthday Cake Remix. The movie and ice cream was a much needed stress reliever type of day and we greatly enjoyed it. The good news is we still have two days left in our weekend to continue the recharging and distressing before the next week begins.

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