January 26, 2010

Winter Warmth =

There are many things that I love about winter. The snow, the cozy and fashionable clothes you get to wear, a crackling fire in the fire place, and a warm mug of hot chocolate. I always look forward to winter and breaking out my favorite sweater or sweatshirt to wear. I particularly enjoy when we get to turn the fire place on and love the look of fresh fallen snow on the ground. With this wonderful season of the year does come something I don't like, being cold. I am always cold it seems like. Even in the summer I seem to be cold in the air condition or when I get out of the pool. I find many ways to stay warm. One being layering the clothes and my trusty heating blanket. I don't think I would be able to make it through winter without it. Every night I crank the blanket up to high and hunker down to get warm. I often have a warm mug of hot chocolate as well which I happen to be drinking right now and yes, I am under my heating blanket. I find winter, despite the bitter cold outside, to be a great season to get cozy, comfy, and warm. What do you do stay comfy and warm?

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