February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics

Can I just say that I love the winter Olympics. I love the snow, the sports, and all the craziness that comes with it. I have been glued to the tv every night that it has been on and it doesn't matter what sport is being showed, I seem to watch it. I do have my favorites. I like men's figure skating and the elaborate costumes and maneuvers they do. I enjoy speed skating, snow boarding, sking, and bob sledding. That covers most of the field of games or at least a version of each sport. I am getting into hockey this year and am enjoying the USA vs. Canada match on tv right now. Living in Columbus and watching the Blue Jackets with Rick Nash it's hard to root against him during this game seems how he is playing for the Canadian team. Sorry Nash, when you come back to Columbus I'll root for you again. I have always enjoyed the winter Olympics more then the summer. I think the winter sports are more intense and hard core. It also has a bigger variety of events that are more fascinating to watch in my opinion. I love to see all the countries coming together for some mostly friendly composition. With the snow on the ground and the snow on the tv its been fun. On a random side note, it looks like i will have a full week of school ahead of me this week since the snow has dumped on us in Columbus.

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