March 21, 2010

Fondue at the Hallstrom's

We got this awesome fondue pot as a wedding gift from my parents and decided that it was time to use it. We love fondue and one of our favorite places to go is the Melting Pot. However, you have to really plan for an evening there and save up because it is an expensive place. We thought we'd give it a try at our house and for the first time it was just as good and super yummy. We picked our first homemade fondue to be chocolate and we dipped strawberries, bananas, coconut marshmallows, and chocolate biscotti in it. Next time we are going to venture out and try our hand at a cheese fondue. Enjoy fondue at the Hallstrom's!

1 comment:

  1. that looks awesome! I love the Melting Pot but oh boy, they sure do charge a lot to make you cook your own food! Definitely cheese and chocolate fondue is the way to go!