March 26, 2010

Home It Is Then

Well shoot.. I really was looking forward to going to the bars tonight and watching the game with a group of friends, but no.. I freaking had to get sick. I've been feeling rather gloomy lately and really needed a night out with everyone and watching a great OSU basketball game. I am usually a happy, positive person but there are some things going on right now that are making me feel a little sad. I'm glad I have a wonderful and supportive husband who is helping to keep me in good spirits and thinking positive.
We were on our way to the bars and I started to feel icky in the car again. So we headed back home and decided to stay in. I guess it wasn't met to be for me to go out tonight and I was suppose to stay home under my heating blanket and cheer the Bucks on in the sweet 16. Hopefully it's just a small bug that will be gone in the morning and hopefully the Bucks will pull off the win. Going to stay warm tonight, think positive thoughts, and enjoy the rest of the weekend and relax as much as possible. I think I was met to stay home tonight...

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