April 25, 2010

The Melt

Saturday I ventured to the Cleveland area to get together for a friends birthday. I love whenever I get the chance to see my girls and was thrilled that we would be celebrating her birthday at a fun restaurant in Cleveland. The place is called Melt Bar & Grilled and they specialize in grilled cheese. I am a huge fan of grilled cheese and I thought the concept of a restaurant devoted to this sandwich was pretty nifty. The atmosphere has a hip, laid back vibe with walls plastered with random pictures and the menus are on the back of old record covers. The seating is limited and this required us to have a three and half hour wait. Seems crazy long right? Well, not so much. With a great group of friends and some amazing drinks from the bar, the wait went quickly. I had the best mojito's of my life there and even ventured out to try one with lavender. It was delicious. After the wait we finally had a table and wasted no time ordering or grilled cheese selections. I decided to pick the "kindergarten", fitting right? It was two huge sandwiches with your pick of cheese. I chose the smoked gouda cheese. Each sandwich comes with a side of fair like fries and coleslaw. It was the best grilled cheese of my life. I choose a simple sandwich for my first time but they have at least 20 different grilled cheese to pick from with any cheese and toppings you can think of. If you are ever in the Cleveland area I highly recommend you visiting The Melt. The restaurant was even featured on Man vs. Food and should be airing sometime in June.
It was a great night spent at the restaurant and I enjoyed being with my girls and getting to spend some time with the birthday girl's adorable daughter. She is 10 months old and so stinking cute and such a happy baby. The evening and visit was a success and I will definitely be visiting The Melt again.

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  1. that place sounds wonderful! I will have to get my butt up there sometime!