April 8, 2010

Poor Sloopy

We took the little guy to his annual vet appointment today. He is healthy and everything looks good. The vet said she would like him to loose a couple of pounds though. So Sloopy, looks like more walks are in the future for you. While we were there he had to get two shots, which he did fine when they give it to him. On the car ride home you could tell the medicine was making him sleepy and for most of the day that is all he has done. He has a sore spot where the shots went in and we have to be careful when we pick him up. While he was napping on his favorite chair I had to take a picture of him because the poor guy could barely keep his eyes open. In this picture I think he looks either drunk or Chinese.
I hope the little feller is back to his normal spunky self tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. haha aw, he does look Chinese! Very appropriate since shih tzus originated from China ;)