May 19, 2010


I've been wanting to post for a while but have been super tired lately. The little one takes a lot of energy out of you and it's amazing to think that something the size of a blueberry can make you feel so tired and sick. I have unfortunately been experiencing  morning sickness and unlucky me it doesn't always occur in just the morning. It can be any time of the day and for any reason. I've been learning to work through it and I keep telling myself that the sickness and being tired all the time is all worth it. I can get through this and hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be feeling better. Today the baby is 8 weeks along and so many things have developed in the past week. It's such a miracle to think about what is going on and learning how our child is forming and developing each week. I have an e~mail that I love getting every week that updates me on the baby and  compares the size of the baby to a vegetable or fruit of some sort. Last week it was the size of a blueberry. My dad decided to be silly and send me a hilarious text message. I had to save it and post it. It made me laugh so hard. If he did this with a blueberry I can only imagine what he will do with the other food items that will be coming up the rest of the pregnancy.

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  1. aww haha your dad cracks me up! It would be really funny if he does one the size of a turkey around Thanksgiving time :) (ok, a small turkey, because I doubt your baby will be THAT you can tell that my knowledge of babies is quite miniscule)