May 31, 2010

Kick off to Summer

Kick off to summer has officially begun! We spent the weekend with family and friends and a couple of cookouts. Our parents came over on Saturday and it was nice to grill out and sit outside. I was not anticipating the sweltering heat but it was still an enjoyable time. We then went with my parents to a bar to celebrate my dad's birthday. It is a neat lounge here in town that has 62 different beers on tap. I of course was the dd for the night but Chris and my parents enjoyed the selection. After the crew was feeling good we headed to the store to get some things for breakfast in the morning. Chris decided to push dad around in these neat adult friendly seated carts. My mom and I were laughing so hard I though I was going to have an accident in the store. We had to take a picture. It's a little blurry because of the laughter and it was taken with a phone, but still funny.
Sunday we headed to another cookout and enjoyed some foot long hot dogs and fixings. Chris and I decided to relax the rest of the evening by watching a movie and today has been pretty low key. It's been a great long weekend and kick off to the summer. I've only got four more days left of school and then it's officially summer time for me. 

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