June 22, 2010

Planet Hollywood and Medieval Times

The past two days have been filled with beach fun, lots of sun, and places of entertainment. On Monday, Chris and I started our day on the beach under an umbrella and tackling the waves. It was cozy to have a personal umbrella with two chairs to relax in the shade if we needed to or sit out and get some sun. Chris thoroughly enjoys the ocean and trying to conquer the biggest waves he can. He would spend a good half hour at a time out there before coming in to relax for a while. After swimming we all cleaned up and headed to Planet Hollywood for dinner.

I love this restaurant and the only other time I've eaten there was in Disney World. We got some fun drinks. Mine was Finding Nemo with the shark and Chris' was Iron Man. Mine was non-alcoholic of course.
After our yummy dinner and drinks we headed out to Broadway at the Beach to do some shopping and walking around.

Chris and I got a few things and loved looking around the candy store. We ended our evening with a walk on the beach and watched some fireworks being shot off in front of our hotel.
Today Chris and I headed back out to the beach and our umbrella and spent way too much time in the sun. We both are looking a little "lobstery" and had to make a trip to the store to get some aloe. It is worth it, though, in the long run. Beautiful view and water makes sunburn not so bad. After our day at the beach we went to Medieval Times.

It was a fantastic show. We had front row seats on the red team and loved waving our flags around and cheering for our knight.

The stunts they make the horses do and the fight scenes were great. Even the food was yummy and it was hilarious watching everyone eat with their hands. Our knight didn't win but it was still an entertaining and fun show. When the show was over we headed over to Barefoot Landing to do some shopping. Chris and I found an adorable ornament in the Christmas store. It is of a little baby in a peanut outfit and says peanut on it. This is the nickname we've given our baby since we don't know the sex yet and because the baby looked like a little peanut on the ultrasound screen. It's too stinking cute! Today was a great day and I'm not sure what is all in store for tomorrow. I know there will be more beach time--under the umbrella most of the day this time--and then who knows where we will go for dinner. It's been enjoyable and relaxing so far.

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