June 16, 2010

Preparing for the BEACH

It's been pretty busy around our house as we eagerly prepare for our beach vacation. Chris has been packed for a day now and I'm getting ready to start. We have the snacks bought and the laundry almost done. Sloopy got his summer cut today to prepare for his week long stay at my parents house, known to him as his "buddies" and everything is pretty much in order. It's been four years since our last big vacation and this is a much needed break and relaxation. It will also be somewhat of a babymoon because it will be our last big trip as just the two of us. We only have two more days then off to the beach we go. I'm excited for all the places we are going to go see and do but am looking forward to laying out on the beach the most.
This week also marks the end of my first trimester. I can't believe how fast 12 weeks have gone by and they say that the next three months are the best months in a pregnancy. I heard you have more energy and don't feel as sick. I'm really looking forward to that part. In this trimester we also get to find out the sex of peanut and start to prepare the nursery. So many exciting milestones will be taking place in the next three months. So for now it's off to finish packing and preparing for our sunny beach vacation.


  1. Have fun at Myrtle Beach! You guys need to hit up Broadway at the Beach at night time. There's lots to see, do, and eat!! Look for a Korean guy who has a little kiosk set up. He will draw out each letter in your name using sponges and water colors.. it's the coolest thing! If you guys are into dinner shows, you should check out Medieval Times or Dixie Stampede. Such fun family places :)

  2. OMG I'm so happy you're going to Medieval times! If you get there early (like 45 min) you can request to get seated in good seats. We usually call a few days prior and reserve our tickets over the phone. Once you go in you can flat out ask them to seat you in a good spot on your team. We do this all the time :) Also you will be in a waiting area before you enter the arena... and you can get 'knighted'. You should sign Chris up without him knowing and he can get knighted :) They'll ask if you're celebrating any special occasions... you could tel 'em you're expecting a baby!! Ok, I am living vicariously through you because I wish I was going! haha.. ahh just a few more months!

    I'm so glad you're going to read Jen! I have all the books if you want to borrow them. :)