September 12, 2010

Fetal Echo Cardiogram

The other day we went to Children's Hospital to have a fetal echo cardiogram done to take a closer look at Logan's heart.  We wanted to have this done to make sure that the heart defect that Chris was born with wasn't passed down to Logan. It was very surreal to be in the same hospital and the same echo area as we were a year and a couple of months ago for Chris' heart surgery. I have to admit that I was very nervous going in but prayed that everything would be alright. When she turned the sonogram on to do the echo cardiogram I was at ease. I felt peaceful and amazed as I watched our little guy on the screen. It's amazing to see his heart beating and pumping and his arms and legs moving around. When she was done taking all the pictures she needed she zoomed in on his face and we got to see his hand resting on his chin and he looked like he was in deep thought. It was adorable. The doctor told us that Logan's heart looks great and everything is fine. He also said that there is a slim chance that Chris would pass on his heart defect to any of our children. I'm glad we had the test done and I always love any chance I can get to look at Logan in my belly. We have 15 more weeks to go and then I will get to see him face to face.

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